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Scrubs, Gloves & Microscopes
Scrubs, Gloves, & Microscopes 2016-2017

Scrubs, Gloves, & Microscopes (SGM) is a series of health career exploration sessions for high school students currently in grades 9-12. SGM gives you the opportunity to briefly experience life in a health profession, or health professional program. Each session is approx. 3 hours in length, and will take place during the school week. During each SGM session, you may:

  • Learn from health professional school students or professionals in the field
  • Participate in a hands-on experience
  • Discover important next steps for pursuing the featured career!
Please note: All upcoming sessions are at a waitlist status. Please click on the Waitlist Registration to check availability and potentially be added to a Waitlist.  Thank you!

Scrubs, Gloves, & Microscopes is sponsored by the Health Careers Center at the University of Minnesota, in partnership with the U of M Academic Health Center schools and programs.

Students can sign up for up to three SGM sessions per academic year. This website contains session descriptions, registration information and program policies, divided into the sections shown on the left hand side of the page. Each individual SGM session costs $45.00.


VERY IMPORTANT - Each student MUST complete a SGM Lab Safety Form to participate.

► Please select the Required Forms option at left and return it to U of M Tickets and Events prior to the first course.
► These forms MUST have a valid signature (electronic signatures not accepted!).
► The form may be faxed to 612-625-4008 or scanned and emailed to umntix@umn.edu or mailed to U of M Tickets and Events at the address on the left.
► You will not be allowed to participate in an SGM session without turning in this form!
     We recommend submitting this form ASAP after completing your online registration.

► If students are registering for multiple SGM sessions, they need only return one completed form to participate.

For any questions regarding the SGM Program, please contact Laura Fyfe in the Health Careers Center at port0215@umn.edu or 612-624-0903. For any questions about the registration process, contact U of M Tickets and Events, Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM.

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