Combo and Planetarium Tickets


Tour the cosmos and beyond in the Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Planetarium

The capacity of the Planetarium has been limited to 70% to continue to allow for at least one seat between groups. The Bell Museum, as part of the University of Minnesota, follows the guidance of the CDC on masking and the advice of our University public health experts. Effective August 3, the University of Minnesota requires that masks be worn inside all buildings on campus, including the Bell Museum. Visitors 2 years and older, whether vaccinated or not, must wear a well-fitting mask over their mouth and nose and while inside the museum building. Bandanas, gaiters, vented masks and single layer face coverings are not permitted.

Fall Planetarium Schedule:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

10:30 Out of This World
11:30 Far Out!
1:30 Minnesota Night Skies
2:30 Far Out!
Saturday & Sunday

10:30 Out of This World
11:30 Far Out!
12:30 Big Astronomy (film)
1:30 Minnesota Night Skies
2:30 Far Out!


Planetarium Only Tickets:

Please arrive 15 minutes before your showtime for seating. Planetarium-only tickets do not include access to any museum galleries.

Combo-Museum Entry & Planetarium Pricing:

You may arrive at the Museum at any time before your show (Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your showtime for seating) and enjoy the galleries for as long as you would like before and after your show; the Museum is open 10am - 4pm.

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Out of This World!
Recommended for all ages | 30 minutes
Hop into the Bell Museum’s spaceship and tour the planets of our solar system. Investigate the phases of the Moon, be the first humans to land on Mars, and fly through the rings of Saturn. Discover your favorite planet, or moon, while learning what makes a planet a planet in the first place (sorry Pluto).

Minnesota Night Skies
Recommended for all ages | 30 minutes
Join our planetarium staff as we take a look at the sky above Minnesota, including seasonal constellations, the Moon, and visible planets. There’s something in the sky for everyone.

Mysteries of Your Brain
Recommended for ages 8+ | 30 minutes
Mysteries of Your Brain takes you on an immersive, animated adventure into the human brain, exploring how the brain works and what makes human brains so special. Your tour guides on this journey are a curious girl and her crow companion—together you’ll zoom along the paths of neurons, fly through brains and experience illusions on a grand scale. You’ll learn how your brain makes you you and that, ultimately, we each have the power to change our brains.

Minnesota Water Stories 
Recommended for ages 10+ | 30 minutes
Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. It is the land where the water reflects the sky. Water is essential to life and we all have connections to it, yet there are challenges threatening our waters. Minnesota Water Stories explores challenges, current research, and opportunities we have to protect our more precious resource.

A Planet for Goldilocks 
Recommended for ages 8+ | 30 minutes
The search for a planet like Earth - one with temperatures, oceans, and an atmosphere suitable for life has been a little like Goldilocks' search for a decent bowl of porridge: some are too hot, some are too cold, but some are "just right." Learn the techniques astonomers have already used to find thousands of tiny, dark worlds in orbit around distant stars - some in the Goldilocks Zone.

Far Out! 
Recommended for all ages | 30 minutes
Launch farther out than ever before. Journey to planets beyond our solar system, visit a black hole, or travel to the edge of our visible universe. The only thing expanding faster than the universe will be your sense of amazement!

Big Astronomy (film) 
Recommended for all ages | 30 minutes
Journey to three world-class observatories in Chile’s rugged Andes Mountains and arid Atacama Desert—remote, extreme regions that happen to have the perfect conditions for astronomical research. Along the way, you’ll meet an inspiring cast of astronomers, engineers, technicians, and support staff who keep these mega-machines running.

Spooky Skies 
Recommended for all ages | 30 minutes
Come see the creepy and cool cosmic sights in our nighttime sky.