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Come Together, Learn and Grow

As the professional community of the National Center, AIHC contributes to better health and improved outcomes by redesigning how the health care workforce is prepared and how care is organized and delivered. AIHC members work locally, nationally and internationally to influence policy, develop and share best practices and resources, conduct research, mentor and support colleagues and remove barriers to effective action.

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As a community of professionals committed to interprofessional practice and education, AIHC inspires colleagues and creates opportunities to come together, learn and grow.

CONNECT -- Build relationships with others who share your passion for interprofessional practice and education and understand the field and its challenges.

GAIN NEW KNOWLEDGE -- Learn more about interprofessional best practices and new models at conferences, through webinars and during networking events.

SHARE EXPERTISE -- Take advantage of opportunities to share what you know and what you have learned. Contribute to the growing body of knowledge about the field.

GROW -- Get involved in AIHC mentoring and leadership development programs to enhance your career and advance the field.

DRIVE CHANGE -- Engage actively in this dynamic, professional community to accelerate implementation of interprofessional strategies in both educational and clinical settings.

Who Should Join?


AIHC is open to individuals who are interested in transforming health in the United States through interprofessional collaboration. Members may include:

  • Health care team members
  • Health professions educators
  • Organizational and institutional leaders
  • Public health professionals
  • Care coordinators
  • Administrators of health care delivery and payment systems
  • Patients, family and caregivers
  • Community representatives
  • Policymakers
  • Emerging health professionals

Membership Benefits


   Career Advancement
  • Engagement in an interprofessional community of practice
  • Opportunities for national- and international-level service through committee involvement
  • Invovlement in the AIHC/National Center Mentorship program
  • National service awards for interprofessional engagement
  Collaboration and Connections
  • Exclusive member-only activities including webinars, special programming, and events at national meetings
  • Collaboration and connection with other AIHC members and organizations
   Additional Perks
  • Advance notice and reduced registration fees
    • Collaborating Across Borders
    • National Center Nexus Summit
    • AIHC special programming
    • Affiliated regional conferences
    • Other National Center and AIHC activities
  • Online access to learning tools, informational resources and current research in the field of interprofessional practice and education
  • Participation in members-only forums and other leadership development opportunities
  • Quarterly newsletter and monthly briefs
  • Personalized member certificate

What is the Cost?


AIHC membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase. The expiration date is the end of the month of purchase.  AIHC members enjoy 12 months of professional engagement, support and interaction through special communications, networking opportunities and discounts throughout the year.  

Membership Dues:

Annual Membership: $150
Student Membership: $30

Join or Renew Today!


Create a profile by creating a username/password in addition to entering your contact information.
Logging in will provide access to a longitudinal record of your membership activity.  Your profile will not expire. 

Continue your membership purchase as a guest if you prefer not to create a username/password. 
Guest users will not be able to access a longitudinal record of their membership.


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Student Membership


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