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CSH Holistic Health & Healing

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A deep and informative experience, well-organized and speakers were knowledgeable and passionate in the areas of Integrative Health and Healing.
- Past Participant
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Center for Spirituality & Healing
420 Delaware St SE
Mayo Memorial Building #505
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Fax: 612-626-5280

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July 21 - 25, 2014

The Holistic Health & Healing Summer Institute  gives participants broad exposure to the application of integrative health and healing modalities and strategies for patients, families, staff, and health systems. As hospitals and other clinical settings begin to offer more holistic approaches to care, questions can arise regarding the role of providers, the processes  of care, the physical environment, and organizational cultures. This program is meant to immerse participants in theories and practices offering tools and information that you can readily apply in your own setting.
Through didactic, online, and experiential  learning, participants will acquire the knowledge of evidence based research and skills to care for patients  and provide leadership  to create optimal healing environments.
Ideal for nursing and other healthcare professionals wanting to bring holistic health and healing practices to their organizations.

By the end of the course, students will:
► Analyze the impact that culture, history, and politics have on conventional and integrative health practices, including factors such as research funding, publication bias, attitudes of conventional practitioners, and the history of new ideas in medicine.
► Describe the theoretical  constructs, practices, safety, efficacy, and evidence base of selected integrative modalities.
► Experience several types of integrative practices and interact with professionals in those areas.
► Discuss research methodologies to address the safety and efficacy of integrative therapies
► Discuss clinical practice application of appropriate use of integrative therapies  in a variety of clinical settings and processes.
► Recognize and develop an appreciation for different ways of knowing and healing.
► Access and evaluate evidence on a specific integrative modality. (Applies only to students registered for academic credits).

On-Site Learning
The Institute is based at Woodwinds Health Campus, an extraordinary healthcare facility in Minnesota that is a model optimal healing environment.
Faculty Experts
Faculty includes experts from the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality & Healing and School of Nursing as well as Woodwinds Health Campus and other local and national leaders in integrative health and healing.
Individual cost is $1,300 and includes meals and course materials. (Early registration costs $1170.)
*Early registration (by April 1, 2014) receives a 10 percent discount. Groups of three or more receive a 15 percent discount.
Academic Credit Option
Academic credit is available. Students  need to complete additional  online coursework, thereby meeting the requirements for CSPH 5101 - 001: Introduction to Integrative Healing Practices. Register online first as a student, and also contact Erin Fider (612-624-5166) to complete your academic registration.
For more information about the program, application process, course requirements fees and registration, please call Cass McLaughlin at 612-626-5319 or email mclau0 33@umn.edu.