The Center for Spirtuality & Healing is committed to assisting patrons with acessibility needs, in accordance with the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Policy on Disability Services.
We work with a wide variety of organizations and venues, who offer differing accessibility services based on their programming.  For more specific information or questions, please contact our offices by phone at 612-624-9459 or by email.
We look forward to assisting you.

Wheelchair Seating

Access to the venues where we provide admission services is available through either a main entrance or a marked accessible entrance, using ramps, electric door openers/operators, and elevators. Some locations offer curbside drop-off or pick-up areas to assist patrons.
The programming and design of an event may change the availability and locations of some wheelchair and companion seating in a venue.  This may be due to line-of-sight or audio issues, seating layout or event staging, or venue capacity changes determined for specific events.  If you are familiar with a venue and are interested in specific seats, we would encourage you to contact our office to learn if that seating is available for the event you will be attending.
When purchasing wheelchair seating, you are purchasing a space for a wheelchair to be located for an event.  Generally, there is not a seat in this location currently, but rather an open space.  If you have other accessibility needs, such as using a walker, transfer from wheelchair to regular seating, needing a movable seat, no steps, aisle seating, etc., please contact our office so that we can assist you with the best seating option for your situation.
Reserved/Assigned seating:
When purchasing reserved/assigned seating, you will be given specific locations where the wheelchair seating and companion seating will be assigned.  Depending upon venue configuration and availability, these seats will be located as adjacent to each other as possible.  Generally, you will select a Wheelchair location and a Companion seating location.
General Admission Seating or Event Registration:
For events that use a general admission or open seating plan, you are purchasing a seat/location to attend the event.  You will select your seat/location when you arrive at the event.  When ordering these admissions, you will select a Wheelchair location and general admission for the companion(s).  Upon entering the event, you will select your seating from the available seats.  For these types of events, we encourage patrons to arrive early for best selection of seats. 

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation

ASL services are available at events, either on a pre-determined schedule or by patron request.  Some presenters may coordinate this and provide us with a schedule when the interpretation will occur.  For most programs, our office will coordinate the request and arrange for the interpreter at the event.
We are pleased to work with University of Minnesota Disability Services to coordinate ASL interpreters for your needs.  Their experienced staff are able to assist with the wide range of programming that we offer.  They prefer two weeks advance notice in scheduling services to best accommodate your needs.
To order tickets with ASL services, please contact our office at 612-624-9459.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that you may find useful:
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